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E-Z Build™ Haunted Chocolate House

A spooky spin on the traditional build your own house kit. Everything you need to make a haunted Halloween house, including pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, orange, green and purple icing, Halloween themed candy including candy corn and bats…tombstone included!

Allergy Information



Peanut Free Facility

Made in a Peanut and Tree Nut Free Facility

Kosher Dairy

Kosher Dairy

This Product Contains

Pre-Baked Cookies

Pre-Made Icing & Building Tools

Assortment of Candies


Step 1: Icing preparation

Remove pre-made icing from kit. Knead/ Massage icing pouch for 1-2 minutes brinking icing to room temperature and making it more adhesive. Cutting the icing tip: remove cap and snip 1/4 from end. Your icing is now ready for assemling the house.

Step 2: Getting started

As shown gently break lieces apart on the solid lines ti seperate. Lay out house pieces on table.

Step 3: Arrange house pieces for assembly

Line the 4 canals of E-Z Build® Tray with a strip of icing. On the reverse (rough side) of front and back panels of house along the edges. Pipe a thick line of icing.

Step 4: Erect walls

Using E-Z Buld® Tray, insert back panel of house into the canal. Then press side wall uo against icing strip on back panel and secjnd side wall. Adust walls ti create a good rectangle prior to putting on roof pieces as shown.

Step 5: Apply icing to house peaks

Pipe a thick strip of icing along roof edges of front and back panelse as shown

Step 6: Add roof

The four foor sections are different sizes. Each one is marked with a series of dots to indicate the piece. E.G. Piece #1 has 1 dot. 6A: Gently press piece #1 into position & piece #2 will sit against first piese. As shows piece. 6B: #3 Will go in the left side of the house & #4 on the right. Hold these two pieces for one minute until icing sets enough that they will non slide.

Step 7: Complete roof

Add a strip of icing down the middle of the house. For the best results wait 15 minutes before decorating your house.

Step 8: Icing tube instructions

Carefully cut the end of the icing tube in small amounts. As shown above. Do not cut too larbe or you will lose detail when decoratin. You are now ready to decorate your house!


Ingredients: Cookie: Enriched wheat flour, Sugars (sugar, invert sugar), Shortening (palm oil, modified palm oil), Water, Cocoa powder, Sodium bicarbonate, Natural flavour. Icings: Sugars (sugar, glucose-fructose, glucose), Water, Palm oil, Corn starch, Modified corn starch, Salt, Acetylated monoglycerides, Artificial flavour, Polysorbate 60, Potassium sorbate, Sunset yellow, Citric acid, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue. Monster teeth candy: Sugars (dextrose, glucose), Calcium stearate, Tapioca dextrin, Shellac, Carnauba wax, Artificial flavour, Allura red, Erythrosine, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue. Bat shaped candy: Sugars (dextrose, glucose), Citric acid, Calcium stearate, Tapioca dextrin, Titanium dioxide, Shellac, Carnauba wax, Artificial flavour, Allura red, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue. Gumball: Sugars (sugar, dextrose, glucose), Gum base (contains soybean), Corn starch, Natural and artificial flavour, Glycerine, Tapioca dextrin, Shellac, Carnauba wax, Erythrosine, Allura red, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue, BHT (to maintain freshness).

Contains: Wheat, Soybean.

May contain: Eggs, Milk.

Ingrédients: Biscuits: Farine de blé enrichie, Sucres (sucre, sucre inverti), Shortening (huile de palme, huile de palme modifiée), Eau, Poudre de cacao, Bicarbonate de sodium, Arôme naturel. Glaçages: Sucres (sucre, glucose-fructose, glucose), Eau, Huile de palme, Amidon de maïs, Amidon de maïs modifié, Sel, Mono-glycérides acétylés, Arôme artificiel, Polysorbate 60, Sorbate de potassium, Jaune soleil, Acide citrique, Tartrazine, Bleu brillant. Bonbons aux dents de monstre : Sucres (dextrose, glucose), Stearate de calcium, Dextrine de tapioca, Gomme laque, Cire de carnauba, Arôme artificiel, Rouge allura, Erythrosine, Tartrazine, Bleu brillant. Chauve-souris en forme de bonbon: Sucres (dextrose, glucose), Acide citrique, Stéarate de calcium, Dextrine de tapioca, Dioxyde de titane, Gomme laque, Cire de carnauba, Arôme artificiel, Rouge allura, Tartrazine, Bleu brillant. Boules de Gomme: Sucres (sucre, dextrose, glucose), Base de gomme (contient soya), Amidon de maïs, Arôme naturel et artificiel, Glycérine, Dextrine de tapioca, Gomme laque, Cire de carnauba, Erythrosine, Rouge allura, Tartrazine, Bleu brilliant, BHT (pour maintenir la fraicheur).

Contient : Blé, Soya.

Peut Contenir : Œufs, Lait.