Let's See Your Winter WonderLand!
We want to see what wonderful things you can make!

Create-A-Treat kits are a delight, they come together to create new and exciting treats alright. Stepping up a long tradition with friends and family is a great way to celebrate the holidays and create lasting memories! At home we may stay, so let's embrace the wonder of the holidays

Use Create-A-Treat products, sweet finds or bake, AND see what new imaginative creations you can make!

How It Works!

  1. Build your imagined wonderland using Create-A-Treat products, sweets you find at home, or bake your own!
  2. Hack and stack, colour outside the lines, use your imagination because the most creative entries will get the 9s!
  3. Snap a picture of yourself or group with your wonderland creation to be considered!
Crumbs' Bonus!!!

Impress us, make it extra sweet!
Submit your sweetest drawing of Crumbs' for an extra chance to win!*

Winter Wonderland

How Crumbs Will Measure our Winner

Tell us the story that inspired your glory. How many things did you bring? Whom did you play with, how long did they stay?

Grand prize
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Mario Kart Live
  • Ultimate Create-A-Treat Prize Pack
Second prize
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Ultimate Create-A-Treat Prize Pack
Third prize
  • Lego Building Set
  • Ultimate Create-A-Treat Prize Pack

Get inspired with
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