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About Us:

Create A Treat is one of the leading manufacturers of Gingerbread House Kits and Cookie Decorating Kits in North America. The company not only offers a full line of branded seasonal decorating kits but they specialize in private label and custom design packaging that is unique to the industry.
Create A Treat’s manufacturing operation is currently housed in a new 140,000 square foot building located in Brampton Ontario. Create A Treat’s facility is HACCP certified, North America’s highest standard of manufacturing practices. The company’s vertically integrated operation allows them to be a low cost efficient producer of gingerbread products.
The company was founded in 1997 with one goal in mind to make the best Gingerbread House Kit possible at the best price. This focus on one specific product has been the key reason for its success as a company. Over the years they have continually strived to make improvements to its decorating kits and the first major product innovation can be seen in its patented “EZ Build”Tray.
The “EZ Build” Tray is a food grade plastic base with built-in grooves to hold the gingerbread house pieces together. This base has made the activity of building a gingerbread house fast and easy and that means more time to decorate and have fun.
The next major product improvement was in the development of its pre-made icing. In the past Gingerbread House Kits came with powered icing that needs to be mixed with water where the resulting icing could vary considerably between consumers.  Create A Treat took the guesswork out of this process and developed a pre-made icing that is consistent, easy to use and works well for both the building and decorating of the Gingerbread House.
Over the years, Create A Treat has seen tremendous growth in Seasonal Decorating Kit Category and for many families the activity of building and decorating gingerbread house has now become an annual tradition. In the last decade the company has enjoyed dramatic growth and their extensive product line now includes gingerbread building kits for all seasons and many unique decorating kits such as the as the “EZ Build” Train and “EZ Build” Tree Kit.
Create A Treat Ltd is all about creating lasting memories with fun and engaging activity kits that kids and adults can enjoy together.